Prior to launching Integrated Solar Design LLC, Delmar worked in the aerospace industry designing and building turbine aircraft conversions.   He brought with him a good understanding of designing and manufacturing with aluminum alloys, thus the choice of metal for the solar racking system.   As a young farmer on the northern plains of Montana, he spent his spare time building and flying high performance aircraft. The most notable of these airplanes was the 1930’s Gee Bee R-2 Racer. This aircraft had the reputation as the most dangerous aircraft ever built (see video below).

Delmar flew aerobatic demonstrations in this aircraft for ten years, accumulating over 1500 hours of flight time. Air shows were contracted in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, and Japan. After retiring from the air show business, Delmar attained an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate and was a Designated Engineering Representative Flight Test Pilot and Flight Data Analyst for the Federal Aviation Administration. As a flight test pilot Delmar contributed to the certification of seven different aircraft designs. Delmar’s duties at the Integrated Solar Design LCC facilities are managing the manufacturing and installation operations.


Delmar Benjamin and the Gee Bee R-2 Racer