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Our Corporate Mission:

The Company

The seeds of this company were sown when Delmar Benjamin set out to build a solar awning cover for the deck of a home in Lakewood, Colorado.  Searching on line, Delmar found some beautiful integrated solar installations, mostly in Germany and Japan. These installations used two sided glass PV panels encased with traditional glazing technology.  The installations are very attractive and spectacularly expensive, not even in the ballpark for a personal residence. A thorough search of the solar panels on the market located the Sanyo Hit panels, which are framed and block 85% of the sunlight. The problem was that there was no weatherproof racking system available to mount the panels. The solution Delmar designed was a structural aluminum system, which is the supporting structure and the racking system, all inclusive. The hundreds of feet of wiring are cleanly hidden within the mounting structure.

The concept was expanded to scalable, ready to install units which can be integrated into new or existing structures. We quickly recognized the potential to serve a niche market with the Sanyo HIT PV panels and Delmar’s patent pending structural systems. Thus, Integrated Solar Design, LLC was formed.