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Integrated Solar Design's solar electric (PV) window cover is has been designed to help prevent summer heat gains and stop excessive lighting.  Our solar window covers pack a heavy energy punch, using bifacial solar technology which allows our systems to produce up to 30% more electricity from the top and bottom surfaces.  We can design our solar powered covers to work with a wide variety of windows large and small on new or existing buildings.

We build each solar PV window cover using our patent pending sealed aluminum framework and stainless steel hardware, hiding all wiring to provide a clean high-performing solution.  

If you're worried about strength and engineering in high-wind and snowload areas, worry no further! Our Solar Window Cover system has been enginneer to meet snowloads of over 100 PSF, and wind of over 150 MPH. 

We can provide several different sizes of window covers to fit your specific project.  If we don't have a design for your specific situation, chances are we have the skills and tools at our disposal to create a solution that works for your applicaiton.  If you would like more information about our Solar Electric Window Covers solutions we encourage you to call us at 720-382-4777 and ask to speak with a sales assistant or complete our online "Request a Quote," form.

Why a Integrated Solar Design PV Window Cover?

  • Provides Clean Renewable Solar Electricity
  • Attactive Solar Electric Solution
  • Provides Shade to Reduce Summer Heat Gain
  • Allows 15% of the Natural Light to Pass Through
  • Sealed System Provides Weather Protection to the Area Below
  • Robust Recycled Aluminum Mounting Solution with Stainless Steel Hardware