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Quality Solar Electric Solutions

Integrated Solar Design provides cutting edge solar electric solutions for those who desire maximum performance out of their solar electric systems. Our sealed solar electric system structures hide wiring while allowing natural light to pass through the solar modules offering a clean and robust solution. Our solar powered systems can be designed as awnings, carports, vertical walls, building integrated or free standing structures. Our patent pending aluminum framework has been engineered to meet even the most rigorous snow and wind requirements. All of our systems are built using the new Sanyo HIT Double solar panel.  The Sanyo HIT Double is not only among the most efficient solar modules in the world, it is the only commercially available bi-facial solar module. This bi-facial module holds the unique ability to capture energy from both the top and bottom sides, increasing performance by up to 30%. Finally, every system we build is internet monitored, enabling our customers to have an on-demand view of their system’s current and historical electrical production.

Our Products Include:

  • Solar Awnings Solar Carports
  • Vertical Solar Walls
  • Integrated Solar Design
  • Solar Covered Walkway
  • Solar Bicycle Rack Cover
  • Free Standing Solar Structures

Benefits of an Integrated Solar Design System

  • High Performance
  • Clean Look
  • Shade to Reduce Interior Heat Gains
  • Sealed Structure
  • Web-Based Performance Monitoring
  • Scalable Design
  • Easy, Efficient, Clean Installation
  • 20 Year Manufacturer Production Warranty
  • Maintains Natural Lighting