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The Integrated Solar Design pilot project came about when Delmar was contacted to install a deck covering on the south facing deck of a home in Lakewood, Colorado. Initially the plan was simply to build a roof over the deck to provide shade from the blazing summer sun. This plan evolved to a roof with solar panels mounted on it. As Delmar refined this plan he asked himself, "why not use solar panels for the roof”.  In researching this possibility on the internet, Delmar discovered some very attractive transparent glass-on-glass installations, but they proved to be very expensive and there weren't any commercial mounting systems available.  Further searching on the world wide web located the Sanyo double sided HIT panels which were transparent and let 15% of the sun light pass thru. These panels seemed to be the panacea Delmar was looking for, but again, no commercially available weather tight mounting system was to be found. At this point Delmar set to work to design and build the weather tight mounting system you see here today.

Although the azimuth and panel orientation was already determined by the deck and roof pitch restrictions, this system turned out to be a very efficient installation for the geographic location. The system faces slightly southeast.   As it turns out this optimizes the generation due to the trend on the front range of the Rockies to have sunny clear mornings and general afternoon cloudiness due to geographic conditions. The greatest energy demands of the house were for A/C on hot summer days. Fortunately, A/C demands are caused by that hot sun which is now turned into electricity to operate the A/C. An added bonus was the systems shading of the 26 foot high south facing window wall. The 20 degree orientation angle of the roof panels is optimum for energy production during the hot summer months.