SANYO HIT® - Bifacial Solar Module (Click image to enlarge.)

SANYO HIT® - Bifacial Solar Module

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HIT® Double panels operate silently and have no moving parts. A double glass structure allows some sunlight to penetrate portions of the panel, creating brilliant light and shadows for aesthetic and architectural applications.  HIT® Double panels are perfect for areas with performance-based incentives and tradable energy credits.

Power Guarantee

SANYO guarantees customers will receive 100% of the panel’s rated power (or more) at the time of purchase, enabling owners to generate more kWh per rated watt.

High Efficiency

HIT® Double bifacial solar panels are World leaders in sunlight conversion efficiency, helping customers to enjoy the maximum power per square foot from available space.  HIT® solar cells improve boundary characteristics and reduce power generation losses by forming impurity-free i-type amorphous silicon layers between the crystalline base and p- and n-type amorphous silicon layers.

Bifacial Effect

The power from the front face of the panel combines with the back face of a HIT® Double panel ambient and light reflected off surrounding surfaces and to generate electricity.  Depending upon system design and site albedo, this results in up to 30% higher power generation (more kWh) per square foot.

High Temperature Performance

As temperatures rise, HIT® Double solar panels produce more electricity than conventional solar panels at the same temperature, due to their low temperature coefficient.