Is solar power right for you? More correctly, is an Integrated Solar Design system right for you? Do you have a south facing deck? If you do, then it can only improve with a beautiful solar awning covering it. It will turn that scorching summer sun to cool shade and electricity. An Integrated Solar Design awning reduces the sun reaching you and your deck by 85%. You can enjoy your deck on a rainy day and in winter it will keep the snow off your deck. But, like no other deck awning, it will be paying for itself with electricity every day. An added bonus will be the reduction of passive solar entering your house thru the south facing windows in summer. The shading and the electricity generated by this beautiful awning is the panacea your A/C unit has been waiting for.

Is your car sitting out in the hot sun? If it is, you should consider an Integrated Solar Design carport. If your car happens to be a plug-in hybrid, plug it in to the carport and drive on carbon free energy from the sun.