The aging power grid that distributes power around the US was largely constructed some 50 years ago. While very little has been done to update and improve this system, demand will grow 3% this year, even in a slow economy. The current administration has allocated money for up grades, but these will take years to accomplish. Expansion of wind power is impeded because of lack of infrastructure to move the electricity from the windy areas to the population centers where it is needed. Millions are being spent on a smart grid concept where the utilities will control what you power and when you power it. One fact is glaringly clear, the cost of electricity is going up!

Delmar Benjamin believes the short term solution to the aging grid problem is right here in our hands. Small solar power goes on the site where the energy is needed and used, at the very end of the grid. The brighter the sun shines, the greater demand on the grid for air conditioning. End user power requirements for solar powered residence and business decreases when the sun shines.   This, in turn, decreases the demand on the grid and actually increases the efficiency of the grid by putting excess power back in to be shared with other end users.

Rebates and incentives from the government and utilities make end user solar a very attractive and affordable proposition. Money put into end user solar is an instant solution and a bridge to an efficient modern grid.